Ever since 1980 I have been providing support and training for computer users. No one is born with the enate ability to use computers. It is skill that has to be learnt. Computer software packages change as they are updated and improved. For example MS Word 2.0 is very different from MS Office Word 2007 and the new Windows Vista operating system is very different from even Windows XP. However, it is a bit like learning to drive a car; once you have mastered the basic skills they can be readily adapted to a new situation, but all to often one does get stumped and needs to ask " how do I ....... ?".

I offer training without the technical language. I try to dispell the myths surrounding computers and aim to make it simple.

The trainig we provide is divided into 2 main categories corporate and personal training either in groups or one to one training.

'Computers for the terrified' - Basic introduction to using a computer.

Installation of home computers and showing the user/s how to use their equipment.

Training for remote access of servers to enable office users to access their corporate servers email, files etc from a remote location. This can be from a mobile phone on a train or from home.

Microsoft Office Products (all versions from Offce 95 to Office 2007)

Outlook Express
Internet Explorer

MS Works

GCSE ICT Tutoring

Website development and optimisation
How to setup and manage your own personal or business website and how to register it with search engines.

We also run courses in how to optimise your PC - simple house keeping
How to keep you free of viruses and spyware. Much of the software to do this is free!